To report suspected child abuse, call the Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD
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The Watchful Shepherd program is a specialized program to be used by any agency to help protect children and families from abuse in the home at no cost to the agency.

Watchful Shepherd USA supports Court-Ordered child protection sanctions from Juvenile Courts and Courts of Common Pleas Custody Divisions. We also collaborate with caseworkers and Child Protective Services organizations to identify at-risk children.


The only criteria are that a child lives or visits in the residence where the Watchful Shepherd is placed, and a Caseworker or Agency is involved.

Cases where units are most effective include:

  • Physical Abuse – Is there concern or a history of physical violence in the home whether it be the adult or child towards the caregiver?
  • Neglect/Medical Issues – Is the child being neglected or does the child have a medical problem that might go unattended?
  • Sexual Abuse – Is there concern or a history of sexual abuse in the home?
  • Domestic Violence – Is there a history of domestic violence in the home where a child is present?
  • PFA or Modified no Contact – Has the PFA or no Contact been modified now allowing perpetrator in the home?
  • Self-Control – If the perpetrator feels a lack of control, he/she can press the button prior to an incident occurring.
  • Juvenile Probation – Has a Juvenile offender returned home or been permitted to stay in the home as a condition of their probation to reunify the family?
  • Substance Abuse – Is alcohol or drug abuse a major factor in the case by the caretaker?
  • Relative Placement for Safety Reasons – Is the child living in a relative’s home with a possible threat of perpetrator removing them or threatening violence?
  • Foster Parent Support – Has the child been placed in a Foster Home and the biological family poses some threat or harassment to the Foster Parents?
  • Child or Caregiver with Disabilities – Does the child or caregiver have any disability that the unit could be helpful in providing an added safety measure for the entire family?

Watchful Shepherd can be adapted to be used by any child or caregiver with limited physical abilities. A professional familiar with the child can help select the required equipment.



To protect the privacy of our protected families, services provided by Watchful Shepherd USA are confidential.
Here’s some anonymous recounts from the families and children we’ve helped:

The mother of a large family was often physically abused by her husband. Her young teenagers were putting themselves in harm’s way to defend her. Although the father was removed from the home, he continued parental visits. Aware of the security provided by Watchful Shepherd USA, the father stopped abusing his family during those visits.



A 9-year-old girl was sexually molested while her mother was at work. The father separated from the family and effectively underwent treatment. He was permitted to reunite with his family once a monitoring system from Watchful Shepherd USA was installed.



A young brother and sister feared their mother’s ex-boyfriend who had sexually assaulted them. Because the pair were reliving horrible memories, they were unable to function until receiving a unit from Watchful Shepherd USA.

The addicted mother of 14-year-old diabetic boy was exchanging his insulin for money and drugs. After the mother underwent substance abuse counseling, the two were reunited in their home. Watchful Shepherd USA provided a valuable safety net that could be activated anytime the young man was experiencing untreated symptoms.



Sisters age 10 and 11 had been molested by their father. After a period of incarceration, he began to stalk the girls and threaten the security of their home. The children reported that a unit from Watchful Shepherd USA helped them to feel safe and provided a resource if matters escalated.



A 13-year-old girl was sexually abused by her 14-year-old brother. Although the mistreatment stopped, the girl was afraid to be home alone with her brother after school. Watchful Shepherd USA provided her with security until her parents could return from work each day.